December Announcements

Lots of exciting things are happening with Great Bay Tai Chi this month.
Here is all the Tai Chi news that's fit to print:

Monday 12/5

  • Meghan Leighton will offer the first of her 3 week series focused around yoga and meditation.  This class will meet 9:15-10:00 for 3 weeks.  You can attend any or all of the 3 classes as part of your regular payment plan.
  • Kate’s Short Form class officially moves to Internal Arts New England at 10:30!
  • Maura Mastrogiovanni’s new Monday afternoon Yoga class begins at 4:00!

Tuesday 12/6

  • Austin’s Long Form class officially moves to Internal Arts New England at 6:30!

Wednesday 12/7

  • Petra’s new Wednesday evening Short Form class begins at 6:30!

Saturday 12/10

  • In our first partnership with North Shore Insight Meditation Center, Great Bay Tai Chi Instructor Pam Jacobson and Insight Meditation Teacher Effie Stavrulaki plan to hold a workshop on Saturday, December 10, from 10 am to 12 pm, at Internal Arts New England, 102 Bridge Road in Salisbury.

    Mindfulness in Stillness and Motion: A Morning of Meditation and Qigong


    Mindfulness is the capacity to pay attention to the present moment, on purpose, and in a friendly, curious and open way. Bringing more mindful moments in our daily lives enhances our physical and psychological wellbeing. We can strengthen our ability to be more mindful with both formal sitting meditation practice as well as with mindful movement via a practice such as Qigong. In this workshop we will briefly introduce the latest scientific evidence of the benefits of mindfulness and then practice it in silence with sitting and movement forms. There will be time for questions and debriefing at the end. No past experience with meditation or Qigong is needed. All are welcome.

    The fee for this workshop is $40. Space is limited!

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Sunday 12/18

  • Our Sunday Seminar Series will continue with Tai Chi Martial Applications.  In this seminar we will look at the martial applications hidden in the Tai Chi form.  Studying the applications of Tai Chi movements offers us a better understanding of each movement and how the form is built. The cost to attend this seminar is $40. Space is limited!

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Monday 12/26

  • Internal Arts New England will be closed.  No Great Bay Tai Chi or other classes will be held.  Other schedule changes are possible.  We will keep you informed of these changes as they develop.  Please refer to our Google Calendar to stay up to date.

Other Announcements

The Great Bay Tai Chi website is getting a facelift!  Assistant Instructor, and talented Web Developer, Stacie Bowman has been busy building us a new website that will be unveiled soon.  Many thanks to Stacie for all her hard work!  A separate website for Internal Arts New England is also forthcoming.

Internal Arts New England now has its own Facebook Page!  Please follow us there for more updates.  If you are not already following Great Bay Tai Chi on Facebook, you can join that page as well!

That’s all your Tai Chi news for now.  We look forward to seeing you in class.

Happy Practicing!