Class Descriptions

Great Bay Tai Chi offers classes in Tai Chi for Good Health (Yang Style Short form), Classical Yang Style Tai Chi (Martial Tai Chi), Wudang Kung Fu, and frequent seminars.

Instructor Austin Murray leading students in Tai Chi for Good Health.
Yang Style Short Form

Tai Chi for Good Health

This is the most common form of Tai Chi practiced in the world today. This form has 24 unique postures that are practiced in a particular sequence. Beginners and students looking for the health benefits of Tai Chi without delving into the martial practice are usually best suited to this class. This class teaches basic Tai Chi movement and leads students through learning the 24 posture form. This class is suitable for all ages and is focused on exercises that will bring about the physical and mental health benefits of Tai Chi practice. Once learned, the entire form takes approximately 5 minutes to perform from beginning to end.

Great Bay Students with Lead Instructor Chris Himmel practicing Classical Yang Style Taijiquan
Martial Tai Chi

Classical Yang Style Long Form

This class is for students interested in deepening their studies in Taijiquan. All of the health benefits of the Short Form are also gained in the study of the Long Form. The Long Form has 37 unique postures, which are performed in a particular sequence. In addition to the Long Form, students in this class also learn how the postures are applied in martial practice. Many different partner exercises are included as well as the practice known as “Push Hands”.

Wudang Kung Fu Students with Chris Himmel, Lead Instructor Great Bay Tai Chi, Owner Internal Arts New England
Baguazhang and Xingyiquan

Wudang Kung Fu

This class is for students interested in something a little different than our Yang Style Taijiquan. Wudang Kung Fu is comprised of 3 arts, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan (Also spelled Hsing I Ch’üan, Chinese: 形意拳; pinyin: Xíng yì quán; pronounced hsing·eeee·chwan ) and Baguazhang (Also spelled Pa Kua Chang, Chinese: 八卦掌; pinyin: Bāguà Zhǎng; pronouced ba·gwa·jong). Our primary focus in this class is on the Xingyi and Bagua practices. Xingyiquan is a straightforward martial art originally designed for the Chinese military. Baguazhang is characterized by its circle walking practice.  These arts are a great complement to your Taiji practice.

Kids Tai Chi Kung Fu

Kids Tai Chi Kung Fu

In this new program, kids will learn traditional Chinese martial practices from the three Kung Fu disciplines of Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan in a fun, accessible way for kids ages 5-12.

This program combines our Yang Style Tai Chi and Wudang Kung Fu practices. These practices include meditation and mindfulness strategies to develop self-control and improve mind-body awareness. The dual focus on physical skills and mindfulness offers kids a safe and fun way to stay healthy – physically, and mentally.

Students will succeed in a fun, supportive, non-competitive environment. We are not a rank-based school; there are no belts. Children advance through the curriculum at their own pace.

•Learn the fundamentals of Taijiquan’s relaxation and softness

•Baguazhang’s agile footwork and twisting action

•Xingyiquan’s stability and driving power

•Martial applications from all 3 disciplines

No uniform is required. Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing is highly recommended. Indoor shoes or socks, no outdoor shoes.

A typical class will include warm ups and calisthenics, with solo and partner games and drills that practice fundamentals. Kids will learn forms (and at an advanced stage we will cover weapons practice). Every class ends with relaxing qigong.

Classes will meet on Tuesdays 4:00-5:00 pm beginning January 9. The cost is $50 per month for one child. Additional siblings are half-price.

All inquiries can call Chris at 978-857-5840 or email

Great Bay Tai Chi North Owner and Head Instructor Paul Mahoney with Tai Chi Ball Students


Great Bay Tai Chi offers frequent seminars. We cover various Tai Chi related topics. Seminar announcements will be posted to our News page and sent via email. Please email for related questions. 

Past seminar topics include but are not limited to:


Qigong (Also spelled Ch’i Kung, simplified Chinese 气功, traditional Chinese 氣功; pinyin: qìgōng; pronounced chee·guhng), can be described as the study of natural energy. It is a healing modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) which combines a set of exercises, stationary and/or moving, controlled breathing, and meditation. Benefits of qigong include deep relaxation, lowered stress/anxiety, bodily strength, balance and flexibility, increased focus, and vitality. 4 Seasons Qigong and 5 Animal Qigong have been explored in past seminars.

Tai Chi Ball

Tai Chi Ball training is a traditional complementary exercise to Taijiquan. Tai Chi balls of any size can be used. This weight bearing exercise is used to strengthen the body’s muscles, joints and bones through promoting blood and qi circulation. The focused intention of the exercises aid in improving memory. Beginners of Tai Chi Ball training can use any ball that fits into their hands, such as a soccer ball, to begin their practice.

Tai Chi Saber

Taiji saber is one of the traditional martial weapons of traditional Yang Style Taijiquan. Special permission is required to attend this seminar.

Martial Applications

These seminars focus on the applied martial aspects of Yang Style Taijiquan which include push hands, and centering. Push Hands practice is one way we bridge the gap between solo form practice and martial applications by working with a partner.  Push Hands drills are choreographed routines that allow one to experience and practice Tai Chi movements and principles with another person. In these seminars we also spend some time with some more free moving “centering” practice and introduce competition Push Hands. While Push Hands is included in the Long Form curriculum, this seminar is also open to Short Form students to get a better understanding of how the form relates to more martial practice.

Yang Style Matching Set

Matching Set is a 2 person fighting set of combined choreographed movements which teaches the student how to apply martial techniques in real life situations. Special permission is required to attend this seminar.

Off-site Programs

Off-site Seminars and Short-Term Programs

Beyond our regular classes Great Bay Tai Chi MA provides classes and services to local groups and organizations including:

  • Town/City Parks and Recreation Departments
  • Local Councils on Aging and Senior Centers
  • Retirement and Assisted Living Communities
  • Medical Facilities and Treatment Centers
  • Public and Private Schools

Seminars and Short-Term Programs are available for corporations and businesses. We also work with other martial arts schools to offer seminars and other instruction to enhance your current curriculum.

If you are interested in having us work with your school, organization or business, please email