Suzanne Sweeney, Instructor

After years of canoe racing, hiking, and CrossFit, ending in neck injury, Suzanne sought more effective ways to be in-tune with and move her body.  She began her study of martial arts with Master Anthony Pasquale, with whom she trained in various styles of Kung Fu (including Tae Gook Chung and Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly), weapons, and Chen Style Tai Chi.  While studying with Master Pasquale, Suzanne also began studying Chungliang “Al” Huang’s Five Moving Forces and Circle forms along with Yang Style Short Form with family friend and student of Paul Mahoney, Betty Pijut.  In 2016, Betty moved on and asked Suzanne to teach her class.  Seeking to learn more about Yang Style Short Form, Suzanne began studying with Paul Mahoney at Great Bay Tai Chi.  Since joining Great Bay Tai Chi, Suzanne has fallen in love with Short Form, Long Form, Matching Set, and especially diving deeper into the principles and applications of Tai Chi and a better understanding of her body.  Suzanne loves teaching, learning, and being a part of Great Bay Tai Chi.  Suzanne is also a shamanic pracitioner, Reiki Okuden (Master level), and holistic lifestyle coach (HLC). Part of her HLC traning with Paul Chek included Qigong, which has become a staple in her daily practice.  Suzanne attends Qigong classes and seminars with instructors of The Universal Tao including Grandmaster Mantak Chia, and she has studied extensively with Master Lee Holden.