Annual Fall Retreat in Woodstock, VT

Great Bay Tai Chi students and instructors enjoyed perfect fall weather when they gathered in Woodstock, VT over the last weekend in September for their annual fall retreat.
Topics included: Qigong, Taijiquan Long Form, including Martial Applications, Push Hands and Centering, Taiji Ball and Saber Forms, Yang Style Fighting Set, Introduction to Baguazhang and Introduction to Wing Chun.

standing, L-R:
Nabeel Emaish, LuAnne Pigeon, John Donaghy, Tom Baldwin, Austin Murray, Steven Goselin, Paul Mahoney, Chris Himmel, Pam Jacobson, Susan Oleszko, Charlie Anessi, Jan Morris, Barbara Frake, Kevin Comeau, Liora Alshuler, Michael Nolan, Stacie Bowman, and kneeling, Steve Frankel with Norton.