Upcoming Seminars and Events! Tai Chi Kung Fu for Kids!

Hello Great Bay Tai Chi Community!

We had a great anniversary celebration on November 18. Many thanks to those who came. If you didn’t get the chance to check out Newman Chiropractic, The Access Clinic, Stacie’s Reiki, or The Bluebird Performance Venue, please do follow up with them. We are very grateful to be part of such a great community of practitioners.

Dit Da Jow Healing Liniment for Sale

At the Wellness Fair, we made a couple of exciting announcements that we wanted to share with all of you. The first is that we are now offering Dit Da Jow healing liniment for sale. This herbal compound is great for treating bruises and muscle pains. Chris is making this formula in house with professionally prepared ingredients to ensure the best results. We have 30mL bottles for $10 and 100mL bottles for $30. Chris, Pam, and Stacie have all been using it regularly for a couple months. Feel free to ask them directly about their results.

January 9: Tai Chi Kung Fu Classes for Kids with Stacie

Our second big announcement is that beginning in January, Stacie will be offering Tai Chi Kung Fu for Kids on Tuesdays at 4:00pm. Chris and Stacie have been working hard to put a program together that will combine our Yang Style Tai Chi and Wudang Kung Fu practices together in a fun, accessible program for kids ages 5-12. This will be a great option for kids who maybe aren’t as interested in the more common kids’ Karate programs or team sports. The dual focus on physical skills and mindfulness offers kids a safe and fun way to stay healthy – physically, mentally, and spiritually. Anyone interested should email Chris@greatbaytaichima.com.

Here are the other things coming up that you should know about:

December 1 - 7: No Martial Movement

There will be no Martial Movement classes December 1 – December 7

December 2: A Morning of Insight Meditation with Ted Jones & Short Form Refinements Seminar with Chris

Ted Jones will return to Internal Arts New England on December 2 for A Morning of Insight Meditation 10:30am-1:00pm.

Also on December 2, at 2:00pm Chris will offer a seminar on refining the 24 Movement Yang Style Short Form at Internal Arts New England. This seminar is intended for students who know the form and are ready for some of the deeper details to take their practice to the next level. Only 4 spots left!

December 5: Iaido Classes with Justin Kosuk

Iaido is coming to Internal Arts New England! The Japanese art of drawing the sword, cutting, and returning the sword to the scabbard is both a physical and meditation practice. Justin Kosuk of Boston Iaido will begin holding classes in Salisbury on December 5. Classes will be on Tuesdays 7:45-9:45pm. These classes are not part of the Great Bay Tai Chi membership, but will be a great complement to your practice. If you are interested please email Justin at tenken764@gmail.com.

December 16: Matching Set Seminar with Paul, Chris, and Austin in Lebanon, NH

On December 16 at 2:00pm Paul, Chris, and Austin will be teaching a 90-minute seminar on the Matching Set at the Okinawan Karate Academy in Lebanon, NH. The cost to attend is $30. For more information or to register, please email info@greatbaytaichivt.com.

December 26: Holiday Stress Relief Pop-Up Class with Pam

Pam is planning to offer another Holiday Stress Relief Pop-Up class on December 26. More details on this to follow.

And coming in 2024...

January 3: Tai Chi Ball Practice 7 Week Series with Chris

Chris will offer a 7-week series on Tai Chi Ball practice. This series will allow for in-depth instruction in the basic Tai Chi Ball Qigong patterns and the Tai Chi Ball Form created by Paul Mahoney. Wooden ball practice is a great way to enhance your barehand form. Classes will be held Wednesday mornings at 9:30 at Internal Arts New England beginning January 3.

January 5: Yang Style Matching Set 7 Week Series with Chris

Chris will also be offering a 7-week series on the Yang Style Matching Set. This 2-person form is a fun way to work with a partner and get an understanding of Tai Chi Martial Applications. This series will focus on Parts 1&2 of the form. Experienced students can refine a side they already know, or work on learning their second side. Classes will meet on Fridays at 11:00am at Internal Arts New England beginning on January 5.

January 7: Yin Style Bagua Seminar with Michael D'Angelo

Michael D’Angelo returns to Internal Arts New England for a seminar on Yin Style Bagua on January 7, 10:00am-12:00pm. Yin Style is a different flavor of the Baguazhang we teach in our Wudang Kung Fu class. Those who participated the last time Michael joined us all had great fun and had new ideas regarding the martial applications of the art.

Register Here!

January 9: Tai Chi Kung Fu Classes for Kids and Tai Chi for Beginners, both with Stacie

Tai Chi Kung Fu for Kids begins on January 9 at 4:00pm. First class is Free! Email Chris@greatbaytaichima.com for more information or to register!

Tai Chi for Beginners begins on January 9 at 5:30pm and runs for 8 weeks. 

January 28: Doyle Style Irish Stick Fighting with Jim Poulin

On January 28 at 10:00am Jim Poulin will offer a seminar on Doyle Style Irish Stick Fighting. This art uses a walking stick (Shillelagh) for self defense. Jim is the only instructor of this art in the area. Don’t miss this great opportunity to try this fun and effective self defense method! 

So much is happening in the coming weeks and months! We look forward to seeing you in class and at the seminars and events listed above.

Happy Practicing!