September Seminars

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Photo of Sifu Gary LaChapelle

Sunday, 9/17

Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan with Sifu Gary Lachapelle


Sifu Gary returns to Internal Arts New England to review sections 1-4 and teach the final two sections of the Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan form. This sequence is a fun addition to your practice, combining elements of Tai Chi and Long Fist Kung Fu. Please note that this is a continuation of a previous seminar, so the focus will be on sections 5 and 6 and practicing the complete form. Please check out the review session with Chris before the seminar if you have not done or would like a refresher on sections 1-4.

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Saturday, 9/23

Mindfulness and Stillness in Motion with Pam Jacobson and Effie Stavrulaki


Effie and Pam will continue their series on Mindfulness in Stillness and Motion on Saturday, September 23, 10:30am-12:30pm. This workshop will focus on ways to reduce stress and increase one’s sense of wellbeing. For a full description of the event and how to register please visit the link below.

Mindful Parenting Workshop

Sunday, 9/24

Mindfulness for Kids and Parents with Sylwia Willcox


Can you remember the last time you asked your child to pay attention? 

This 75-minute program, which is suitable for children aged 4-9 and their families, explores the power of paying attention. We address the question of how paying attention without judgment changes our experience. Together we discover why and how children and their grownups can learn to pay attention while connecting to the present moment for a more centered and grounded experience. The program includes hands-on activities, guided conversations, and experiments with the senses, hearts, and minds.

Sylwia Willcox is a kindergarten teacher and a mindfulness teacher with Northshore Insight Meditation Center. She also runs Newburyport Aikido with her husband. Newburyport Aikido is hosted by Internal Arts New England.

Sifu Paul Mahoney and student practice Tai Chi Pushing Hands.

Saturday, 9/30

Woodstock Fall Seminar with Sifu Paul Mahoney


Refine your forms and deepen your practice with a half or full day of training. All Great Bay Tai Chi students are encourage to attend.
For more information or to register, please email
Paul Mahoney is the founder of Great Bay Tai Chi. He is a Taijiquan and Qigong (Chi Kung) master and an expert in martial Taijiquan which includes Pushing Hands and Chin Na as well as other related practices.  He teaches a limited number of classes in Woodstock, Vermont, and Lebanon, New Hampshire, under the name Great Bay Tai Chi North. You can learn more about Paul and his class offerings at