November Seminars and Beginners Class Series

November 12 - December 20:
Tai Chi Saber Series with Chris Himmel

Beginning on Wednesday 11/1, Chris will offer an 8 week series on Yang Style Tai Chi Saber. Classes will meet each Wednesday morning 11/1-12/20 at 9:30am at Internal Arts New England. The cost is $150 for the series. Students also have the option to order a wooden saber. Those who wish to register should be proficient at the Tai Chi Ball form, have prior Saber experience, or have permission from Chris. If you are interested, please email

November 5:
Chinese Martial Arts Autumn Invitational

On Sunday 11/5, three students from Great Bay Tai Chi will compete in this tournament. We have competitors in Tai Chi Barehand Forms, Tai Chi Weapons Forms, Other Internal Barehand Forms, and Push Hands divisions. Please come show your support and get a glimpse of what competition looks like. The tournament will take place at Maynard High School in Maynard, MA 9:00am-4:00pm. Doors open at 8:30am. There is no cost to attend as a spectator.


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November 7 - December 19:
Tai Chi for Beginners with Stacie Bowman

Starting on Tuesday 11/7 and running for 7 weeks, Stacie Bowman will lead this series introducing the fundamentals of Tai Chi for new students. The focus will be on learning the basic principles of Tai Chi and the first section of the Yang Style Short Form. Classes will meet Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm 11/7-12/19.

November 11: Embracing Impermanence

On Saturday 11/11, Sylwia Willcox of North Shore Insight Meditation Center will offer this workshop examining our intimate relationship with change and impermanence. We will learn to use mindfulness and insight to generate all-inclusive, liberating acceptance of change. This program will include silent meditation and guided reflection and discussion. For more information or to register please select the link below. 

November 12: Tai Chi Takedowns

On Sunday 11/12, Chris Himmel will offer this seminar on takedown applications of Tai Chi movements. All Tai Chi postures contain applications for striking, locking, throwing, and kicking. This seminar will focus on the throwing applications using the Tai Chi principles to unbalance an opponent and knock them to the ground.