Announcing Our New Location

A Look Ahead

Great Bay Tai Chi is pleased to announce the upcoming opening of “Internal Arts New England” in Salisbury, MA.  Located at 102 Bridge Road (Route 1), this nearly 2,000 square foot space will serve as a headquarters for Great Bay Tai Chi in Massachusetts and will allow us to bring in other services such as yoga and meditation, as well as other workshops.  Work on customizing the space to suit our needs has already begun, and we anticipate being able to hold classes there by the end of the year.

Getting the new teaching space ready comes with a number of extra expenses outside of our regular operating costs.  A few people have already committed funds and resources into making this new venture a reality (Thank You!).  If you would also like to be part of helping make our new space as inviting and conducive to our practice as possible, you will find a link below that you can use to donate toward that goal.  As a thank you, anyone who donates $30 or more will receive an “Internal Arts New England Founding Member” t-shirt.  Those to who donate $120 or more will receive their choice of a “Great Bay Tai Chi” or “Internal Arts New England” zip up hooded sweatshirt.

I hope you will join in our excitement about this next step as we continue to offer the best possible instruction in Tai Chi and related practices.  Many thanks to Paul and everyone else involved in keeping these arts alive and our community growing.  We look forward to seeing you all very soon!