Latest Tai Chi News & Updates

Hello Great Bay Tai Chi Community,

 It’s been a busy start to the Fall season at Great Bay Tai Chi. We hope you are enjoying our various offerings.
Here is your Tai Chi news for today:
If you haven’t already heard – one week ago Betsy, Stacie, and Pam competed in the Chinese Martial Arts Autumn Invitational. They did us all proud and brought home 1 Bronze and 5 Gold Medals! Their performances were outstanding and it was great to see the Great Bay Tai Chi cheering section come out in support! All three competitors have made sure to express their gratitude to our whole community for being part of their training and preparation.
In other news:

November 18: Wellness Expo and One-Year Anniversary & No Class in Hamilton

On Saturday November 18, we will host our Wellness Expo at Internal Arts New England. This event doubles as our one-year anniversary celebration of having opened that location. Please come by between 12:00 and 2:00 and visit, have some refreshments, and meet some other wellness practitioners in the area. We will have a group Qigong practice at 1:00. We hope to see you there!
Also on November 18, there will be no classes in Hamilton due to an event taking place at The Community House.

November 23: Free Thanksgiving Day Pop-Up Class with Pam

On Thanksgiving Day (November 23) Pam is offering a free pop-up class at 9:00am at Internal Arts New England. This is open to current students who could use an hour of relaxation and stress relief before the craziness of the holiday really gets going. Please feel free to join her for form practice and qigong.

December 2: A Morning of Insight Meditation with Ted Jones & 24 Movement Yang Style Short Form Refinements with Chris

Ted Jones will return to Internal Arts New England on December 2 for A Morning of Insight Meditation 10:30am-1:00pm.
Also on December 2, at 2:00pm Chris will offer a seminar on refining the 24 Movement Yang Style Short Form at Internal Arts New England. This seminar is intended for students who know most or all of the form and are ready for some of the deeper details to take their practice to the next level. 

December 5: Iaido Classes Begin

Iaido is coming to Internal Arts New England! The Japanese art of drawing the sword, cutting, and returning the sword to the scabbard is both a physical and meditation practice. Justin Kosuk of Boston Iaido will begin holding classes in Salisbury on December 5. Classes will be on Tuesdays 7:45-9:45pm. These classes are not part of the Great Bay Tai Chi membership, but will be a great complement to your practice.

December 16: Matching Set Seminar with Paul, Chris, and Austin

On December 16 at 2:00pm Paul, Chris, and Austin will be teaching a 90-minute seminar on the Matching Set at the Okinawan Karate Academy in Lebanon, NH. The cost to attend is $30. For more information or to register, please email

Last call for Tai Chi Ball orders!

Don’t forget that Tai Chi Ball orders are due this week. The pricing chart and order form are on the counter at Internal Arts New England. Cash and check payments can be turned in at the studio.

January 2024

Further ahead:
We are already making plans for January! 
-Michael D’Angelo will return for another seminar on Yin Style Baguazhang.
-Chris will run special series on Tai Chi Ball and on the Matching Set.
-Three options for Tai Chi for Beginners in Hampton, Salisbury, and Newburyport.
That’s all your Tai Chi news for now. We look forward to seeing you in class or at the events listed above.
Happy Practicing!