Latest News: Upcoming Seminars!

We have quite a few upcoming seminars and series for you. Please take a look at what’s coming in the next several weeks.

February 24: Relaxing into Mindfulness with Matthew Daniell

In this retreat, we will employ strategies that help us to open and receive experience from a place of interest, curiosity, and ease. This helps us to relax into a spacious clarity of mindfulness that we can bring into formal practice and our daily lives.

February 25: Long Form Refinements with Chris Himmel

This seminar is a continuation of our previous Long Form Refinements Seminar. We will focus on the second half of Part 2 as well as Part 3. Students do not need to have attended the previous seminar, but should be familiar with the entire Long Form sequence.

March 1 - 22: Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan Series with Chris Himmel

This 4-week series will be on the beginning of the Tai Chi Kung Fu Fan form created by Li Deyin, and taught to us by Sifu Gary LaChapelle. The series format will allow for more detailed instruction on the movements in the beginning of the form.

March 9: A Morning of Insight Meditation with Ted Jones 

This morning retreat is designed as both an introduction to Insight meditation for newcomers and as a “beginner’s mind” refresher course for experienced meditators.

March 10: Sunrise Tai Chi Form with Chris Himmel

The 8-movement Sunrise Tai Chi created by Master Ramel Rones is an effective Qigong practice and introduction to the traditional Yang Style Long Form. It can be practiced in a small space, and is done on both sides of the body.

March 13 - 27: Bagua Circle Walking with Chris Himmel

Bagua Circle Walking has its origins in Daoist meditation practices. Bagua has become known as an excellent health exercise, as its coiling movements stretch the soft tissues of the body, and the method of walking exercises the lymphatic system.

March 23: The Art of Learning to Suffer Well with Matthew Daniell

In this retreat we will explore for ourselves how to approach suffering as a natural parts of the fullness of being alive. Buddhist awareness and compassion practices can help to accept, embrace, and transform suffering in our lives and in the world.

March 24: Advanced Tai Chi Ball with Chris Himmel

This seminar will review basic Tai Chi Ball patterns and the Tai Chi Ball form, and then go into more complex patterns and advanced level exercises and form refinements. 2 years of Tai Chi Ball practice is recommended. Proficiency with basic Tai Chi Ball patterns and the form is required.
As you can see, there is plenty coming up! We hope to see you in class, or at one of the seminars or series listed above.
Happy Practicing!