Latest News: Looking Ahead to 2024!

Hello Great Bay Tai Chi Community!

 As December comes to an end we are looking ahead to many new offerings in 2024.

100 Day Challenge

As always at this time of year, we encourage you to consider taking part in a 100 Day Challenge. More specific than a New Year’s Resolution, these challenges are one particular thing you can do each day. Previous challenges taken on by members of the community include practicing a specific form, and daily Qigong. Committing to a specific daily practice for 100 days is a great way to give yourself a focus or make significant progress on a particular skill. If you would like to share your challenge and progress, we are happy to keep a chart up at Internal Arts New England.

Here is what’s coming up in the weeks ahead:

New Year's Pop-Up Class with Pam Jacobson

Pam Jacobson’s Holiday Pop-Up Class scheduled for 12/26 has been moved to 12/31. Please join her at 9:00am for holiday decompression and re-centering for the New Year. Also please note that these pop-up classes are not intended to be instructional and therefore are not recommended for beginners or students new to Great Bay Tai Chi.

December 27: Resuming Our Reguarly Scheduled Classes

As of now we plan to resume our regular class schedule on Wednesday, 12/27. If there are any further changes to the schedule, we will update you as soon as possible. There will still be no morning classes on Monday, 1/1.

Here is what is coming up in January:

January 5: 7-week Yang Style Matching Set Series with Chris Himmel

Chris will be offering a 7-week series on the Yang Style Matching Set. This 2-person form is a fun way to work with a partner and get an understanding of Tai Chi Martial Applications. This series will focus on Parts 1&2 of the form. Experienced students can refine a side they already know, or work on learning their second side. Classes will meet on Fridays at 11:00am at Internal Arts New England beginning on January 5.

January 7: New Class! Tai Chi Push Hands with Chris Himmel

Beginning on Sunday, January 7, Chris will offer a new class on Tai Chi Push Hands. While Push Hands is taught as part of our Long Form curriculum, this class will be an opportunity for extra practice or for students not currently taking Long Form to learn these skills. This class is open to anyone regardless of experience. The focus will be on standard 2-person drills and centering. Opportunities for competition style Push Hands practice will also be available for anyone interested. Classes will meet every Sunday at 8:00am, and are included in the regular Great Bay Tai Chi MA membership packages.

January 7: Yin Style Baguazhang with Michael D'Angelo

Michael D’Angelo returns to Internal Arts New England for a seminar on Yin Style Bagua on January 7, 10:00am-12:00pm. Yin Style is a different flavor of the Baguazhang we teach in our Wudang Kung Fu class. Those who participated the last time Michael joined us all had great fun and had new ideas regarding the martial applications of the art.

January 9: Tai Chi Kung Fu for Kids with Stacie Bowman

Tai Chi Kung Fu for Kids begins on January 9 at 4:00pm. First class is Free!

In this new program, kids will learn traditional Chinese martial practices from the three Kung Fu disciplines of Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan in a fun, accessible way for kids ages 5-12.

This program combines our Yang Style Tai Chi and Wudang Kung Fu practices. These practices include meditation and mindfulness strategies to develop self-control and improve mind-body awareness. The dual focus on physical skills and mindfulness offers kids a safe and fun way to stay healthy – physically, and mentally.

Email for more information or to register; or click the link below for a full description!

January 9: Tai Chi for Beginners with Stacie Bowman

Tai Chi for Beginners begins on January 9 at 5:30pm and runs for 8 weeks.

Classes will meet Tuesday evenings at 5:30pm

January 9 – March 5

(No class on 2/20)

at Internal Arts New England

(102 Bridge Road in Salisbury).

Stacie Bowman will lead this series introducing the fundamentals of Tai Chi for new students. The focus will be on learning the basic principles of Tai Chi and the first section of the Yang Style Short Form.

January 10: 8-week Series on Tai Chi Ball Practice with Chris Himmel and Pam Jacobson

Chris Himmel and Pam Jacobson will offer an 8-week series on Tai Chi Ball practice. This series will allow for in-depth instruction in the basic Tai Chi Ball Qigong patterns and the Tai Chi Ball Form created by Paul Mahoney. Wooden ball practice is a great way to enhance your barehand form. Classes will be held Wednesday mornings at 9:30 at Internal Arts New England beginning January 10.

January 13: Mindfulness in Stillness and Motion with Pam Jacobson and Effie Stavrulaki

On Saturday, January 13, please join Pam Jacobson and Effie Stavrulaki of North Shore Insight Meditation Center as they continue to explore Mindfulness in Stillness and Motion. The focus of this workshop will be on Peace and Loving Kindness. This seminar will take place at 10:30am at Internal Arts New England. 

January 27: Compassion and Wisdom Retreat with Matthew Daniell

On Saturday, January 27, Matthew Daniell of North Shore Insight Meditation Center returns to Internal Arts New England for a retreat focusing on Compassion and Wisdom. This workshop will take place at 10:30am. 

January 28: Doyle Style Irish Stick Fighting with Jim Poulin

On January 28 at 10:00am Jim Poulin will offer a seminar on Doyle Style Irish Stick Fighting. This art uses a walking stick (Shillelagh) for self defense. Jim is the only instructor of this art in the area. Don’t miss this great opportunity to try this fun and effective self defense method! 

February 10: Lunar New Year Community Celebration

Save the Date:
Saturday, February 10 is

Lunar New Year and we are currently working on plans for a community celebration. Please mark you calendars and we will get the details to you as soon as possible.

So much to look forward to in the weeks ahead! We hope you have safe and happy holidays and can’t wait to see you in class or at any of the events listed above.

Happy Practicing!