July Announcements

Hello Great Bay Tai Chi Community!

We hope you are enjoying the summer weather. We have some great events coming up. Please take a look at what we have to offer:

Week of July 1 Holiday Schedule Changes

July 3 – There will be no Martial Movement on Wednesday, July 3. We apologize for any inconvenience.
July 4 – On Thursday, July 4, Pam will offer a free Pop-Up Class at 9:00am at Internal Arts New England. This class is free to anyone already practicing with us. No other classes will be held. Happy Independence Day!
July 5 – There will be no Applications Workshop at 8:00am on Friday, July 5. The 9:00 Long Form and 10:00 Short Form classes will be held as scheduled at Training Field Park weather permitting.

July 7: Yang Style Matching Set with Chris Himmel

Chris will hold a seminar on the Yang Style Matching Set 10:00am-12:00pm at Internal Arts New England. The Matching Set (Fighting Set) is a 2-person form that offers us a better understanding of applications and how to respond to another person.

July 13: Exploring Aging, Sickness, and Death as Gateways to Living a Fuller Life with Matthew Daniell

Matthew Daniell returns to Internal Arts New England for a seminar on Exploring Aging, Sickness, and Death as Gateways to Living a Fuller Life. This workshop will meet 10:30am-1:00pm.

September 21: Tai Chi Ball and Matching Set seminar in Killington, VT

Save the Date! Looking further ahead, on Saturday, September 21 Chris and Pam will be offering a Tai Chi Ball and Matching Set seminar at Ancient Fighting Arts in Killington, VT. There are options to sign up for either Ball in the morning, Matching Set in the afternoon, or both.

Happy Retirement Herb!

Finally, we are sorry to say that our Wednesday morning instructor, Herb, has decided to step back from teaching. He held his last class at Internal Arts New England on Wednesday, June 26. Herb has been studying and practicing Tai Chi and other martial arts for decades, and was among Chris’s first teachers. Those students who have been taking his class have greatly benefited from his years of practice and acquired knowledge. We are sorry to see him go, but wish him the best in his retirement from teaching.
That’s all your Tai Chi news for now. We look forward to seeing you in class or at any of our seminars.
Happy Practicing!