April Announcements

Hello Great Bay Tai Chi Community,

 Spring is upon us and we have some great seminars and events coming up. Check out all the things going on with Great Bay Tai Chi and Internal Arts New England!

In April our Thursday morning Qigong will be 4 Seasons Qigong – Spring, and our Monday evening Long Form class will be working on Chin Na (locking applications).

April 18: Qigong for Health with Sifu Paul Mahoney - Please note the schedule change!

Great Bay Tai Chi founder Paul Mahoney is planning a visit to Massachusetts on April 18th. Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to work with him if at all possible.
On April 18th, Sifu Paul will lead a Qigong for Health class at 10:00am. This class is open to anyone, but space is limited and registration is required. The cost to attend is $20.
Therefore, our morning schedule on April 18 will be as follows:
8:30-9:00am – Open Practice
9:00-10:00am – Short Form
10:00-11:00am – Qigong for Health with Paul

April 9-30: Intro to Long Form Series with Pamela Jacobson

Tuesdays April 9-30
This 4-week series will be an introduction to Traditional Yang Style Taijiquan. This course is geared toward Short Form students who are interested in seeing what Long Form is like, or for new students looking to start with the Long Form. We will go over fundamentals of the practice, differences between Short Form and Long Form, and learn the first part of the Long Form.

April 20: Open Awareness Meditation Seminar with Matthew Daniell

 Saturday, April 20

In this workshop, we will build a foundation of traditional mindfulness practices, and then move into a style of practice where open awareness itself becomes of primary importance. We explore how such an approach can expand the range of what we can hold wisely and kindly in our experience. Finally, we will explore the art of practicing in a way that best serves the quality of our present-moment awareness, whether it be more narrow or wide, in formal practice and in daily life. This workshop is appropriate for new and experienced meditators alike.

April 21: Applications from the Short Form with Chris Himmel

Sunday, April 21

The study of martial applications offers us a deeper understanding of Tai Chi movements. In this seminar we will look at movements found in the Yang Style Short Form and explore and practice the applications of those movements. Highly recommended for students who would like to understand and refine their form and body mechanics.

April 27: World Tai Chi and Qigong Day - Free! Open to the Public

Saturday, April 27,

Our biggest public event of the year is back! We will be on the Newburyport Waterfront behind The Customs House Museum (25 Water Street). Please join us for free classes and demonstrations. Connect with your Tai Chi Community and share what we do with the public! We are looking forward to seeing you there! 

This event is completely free and open to the public!

May 7-June 25: Tai Chi for Beginners with Stacie Bowman

Tuesdays May 7-June 25
Starting on Tuesday 5/7, Stacie Bowman will lead this series introducing the fundamentals of Tai Chi for new students. The focus will be on learning the basic principles of Tai Chi and the first section of the Yang Style Short Form.

Happy Practicing!